Book your place on the next Inner Resources Workshop: Saturday 25 November 2017

“It showed me another part of me – it was transformative!”

The Inner Resources Workshop is a series of experiential, transformative activities to get you recognising and exploring your inner resources. Our exercises help you to make abstract concepts (resilience, for example) into tangible resources that you can connect with and build on. We do this with the use of metaphors and simple questions to mine the metaphors for information in safe and supportive ways.

At our workshops you feel deeply heard as you explore and deepen your connections to your inner resources and you’ll use Clean Language to help others explore and deepen connections to their resources. You’ll leave with some excellent tools to help yourself and others move into resourceful states. The Inner Resources Workshop is for individuals and organisations.

Feedback from participants at the end of the workshops:

“The length of the workshop was just right. I felt engaged right to the end.”

“Great care was taken to make it a gentle, safe and trusting space.”

“Very clear and concise. Jargon and waffle-free!”

“It’s given me a way to communicate that allows me to be a better listener and not make things about me.”

“It was fun getting to know myself and other people better.”

“Very insightful!”

Feedback from participants two weeks after the workshop:

“As a therapist, I’ve used one of the exercises quite a lot with patients. It’s powerful. I have been firmer in creating positive responsibility.”

“I’m experiencing myself as a better friend and more creative and less dreading the future. I used the resourceful state exercise on a friend and she calmed down and stopped feeling so terrible. It’s been amazing.”

“I found the resourceful state exercise really useful to do when I’m not feeling resourceful. I can shift that and help myself feel better. It’s quick and simple to do.”