Veronica Tapp and Julia Fry met at an Alumni Day held by Coaching Development Ltd. Both from Brighton, they travelled back from London together and decided to meet up again to explore Clean Language Questions. They soon developed a passion for these simple but powerful questions, and in addition to using them with regular coaching clients, felt a wish to share them with a wider audience. Thus the Inner Resources Workshop was born.

About Veronica

Veronica has been coaching professionally since May 2016.  She has a Certificate in Professional Coaching Skills from Coaching Development Ltd, and is also a member of the International Coach Federation.

In addition, Veronica has many years’ experience as a teacher, trainer and mentor.  Her coaching philosophy is based on two long-standing passions: enabling people to create their own path to fulfilling their potential, and experimenting with seeing the world from different perspectives. 

About Julia

Julia completed her training at Coaching Development Ltd in 2006 and received accreditation from the International Coach Federation shortly after. In 2010, she stopped coaching to go through therapy and then undertake a degree in Moving Image.  After working in the transport industry for a few years she relaunched her coaching practice.

Julia has worked in corporate, charity, and education settings, as well as the transport industry, and enjoys working with clients to explore and consolidate their inner resources.