As well as workshop facilitation, we offer coaching to you and / or your team.

We partner with you to achieve specific outcomes

Coaching is a series of conversations which start with an initial discussion. During the discussion, we explore your values and talk about what you would like to have happen.  This creates an overall purpose for the subsequent sessions, and your values can then be used as a reference point to make any decisions you take more meaningful.

Often, an issue you bring to a coaching session will be a gateway for exploring something fundamental to you. You will therefore gain clarity on what motivates and blocks you.  This in turn will help you in other (sometimes unexpected) areas of your life.

You decide at the start of each coaching conversation how you’d like your coach to be with you (a sounding board, or devil’s advocate, for example) and you agree on an outcome for the conversation. As you converse, your coach listens to you, asks questions, and makes observations, based on the purpose and the ‘how’ you co-created at the beginning. The purpose may change over time and / or you may need to use a session for something else entirely as life throws you a ‘curve ball’.

If you would like to know more about how coaching can help you achieve what you want, contact us for a free initial consultation.

Julia and Veronica both trained at Coaching Development Ltd, regularly use supervision and abide by the ethics and core competencies of the International Coach Federation.